Regular Income Fund

Regular Income Fund

In today’s competitive and rapidly changing world, we face a lot of financial uncertainties. The employment and business opportunities that are available are constantly evolving, and may result in fluctuations in our income. In such a scenario, sensible investment in Mutual Funds can open up other sources of income, which would reduce our dependence on purely our salary or business profits and help us manage the financial uncertainty in our lives.

There are certain regular expenses you can’t ignore. Paying pocket money to your kid is one such expense. One option is paying him from your current income. But isnt it difficult to keep track of it this way. Also, you would like to make your kid financially more responsible. Here you may use a MIP (Monthly Income Plan), Systematic Withdrawal Plan, whose primary objective is to provide a regular income to the investor.

These products focus on declaring dividends very regularly, preferably every month. This way, they are able to provide a monthly income to investors. While it’s not mandatory for an MIP product to declare dividends every month, generally, investors do benefit from regular, monthly dividends. This makes MIPs a favoured Mutual Fund product category. Note that MIPs invest a majority of their invested corpus in secure instruments and a very small amount in equity; hence the returns are more or less stable.


  1. Regular Income

  2. Tax Efficient Returns 54332

  3. Beat (Fights) Inflation


  1. Any time liquidity - Suitable for Short term to Long Term for Low to Medium Risk

  2. Suitable for Regular Cash for Retirement Needs, Paying EMI

Short Term Debt Fund - [Regular Income + Capital Gain] - 1 to 3 Years - Conservative

Axis Short Term Fund - Regular Plan – Growth Option HDFC Short Term Debt Fund - Regular Plan – Growth Option

Medium Term Fund - [Regular Income + Capital Gain] - 3 to 5 Years - Moderate

SBI Magnum Medium Duration Fund - Regular Plan - Growth Option ICICI Prudential Medium Term Bond Fund - Regular Plan - Growth Option

Corporate Bond Fund - [Regular Income + Capital Gain] - 3 to 5 Years - Moderate

Kotak Corporate Bond Fund - Regular Plan - Growth Option

Conservative Hybrid Fund - Debt Oriented Fund - [Regular Income + Capital Gain] - 3 Years Above & Conservative

ICICI Prudential Regular Savings Fund Kotak Debt Hybrid Fund

Dynamic Allocation Fund - 3 Years Above & Moderate

ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund Kotak Balanced Advantage Fund NIPPON India Balanced Advantage Fund Axis Dynamic Equity Fund

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.