Private Equity Placement Services

Private Equity Placement Services

Private Equity Placement Services (Unlisted Shares)

The investor mostly owns the share directly from the promoters of the company. These Unlisted Shares are a financial instrument that is traded on an over-the-counter (OTC) market which is facilitated by Investment Bankers.

Investment Bankers help in raising capital in the form of Private Equity Shares (Unlisted Shares) from stakeholders like Crowd Funding (Individual Investors), Seed Capital, Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Private Equity funds, Mutual funds, Portfolio Management Services, and Alternate Investment funds, etc.

The growth of Unlisted Shares usually depends on its natural fundamental growth and is not volatile to any market’s sensitive news.


  1. Invest directly in Companies that are planning for IPO.
  2. Become the company's stockholder
  3. Stocks will be transferred to your Demat account.
  4. Stocks are transferable/sell to other investors.

Ongoing Portfolio with strong fundamentals and unique business growth plans